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What are the various methods for adding tools?

Mobile device - Individually. From the side menu click Add Tool.

Web Grid - Individually. On the tool tab click the button Add Tool. To add tool images, save the tool record and then click on the Edit Tool icon and a Manage Images button will display.

Import Tools - Mass entry. If you have more than several tools to enter, the most efficient entry method is importing tools via the web interface. From the tool tab click on Import Tools and then click on the option to download the import template. Open the file and enter your tools in the format provided on line 2. (Note this line can be deleted when you save the spreadsheet). DO NOT delete or change the header. Save the file to the same CSV format and import to the web grid. Be patient as it can take a while depending on how many tool records you have! We do not import pictures so you will need to edit your tools to add them.